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Your ultimate resource for finding the best sports betting sites that serve Japan.  You want to explore reputable sites that cover your favourite events with great odds, Yen account availability, sites in the Japanese language and local payment methods. We’ve got the information you need.

Top Japan Sports Betting Sites

Choosing a sports betting site from Japan can be difficult.  Every online bookmaker serves a unique selection of countries, supports a unique selection of currencies and languages and offers their own distinct features.  In trying to bet from Japan, your first priority is to prevent wasting time at companies that will not accept your registration.  Popular UK-focused sites like SkyBet, Ladbrokes, BetFred, PaddyPower among others do not serve customers in Japan.  We understand this, so all the sites listed above are known to serve customers in Japan, which saves you time in looking for bookmakers that will provide service to you.

Beyond this, as someone in Japan, you will most likely want to play with a company that offers their website in the Japanese language, and offers Japanese Yen accounts and payment methods.  We note these attributes in our list of the best betting sites for Japan.  Not all of the companies listed offer their site in Japanese.  The reality is that some of the best betting brands have not created a Japanese version of their website, so you would need to be able to operate in English or another language. bet365 and MarathonBet for example come under this category, but they are so strong, they need to be considered if you can play in another language.

Lastly, you want to ensure that you choose a betting service that is highly reputable that offers an excellent overall experience with coverage of your favourite sports and leagues, like the NPB, the J-League, or top international leagues in Europe or North America.  Six of our betting sites for Japan are highly visible brands that operate within the United Kingdom, which is one of the most highly-regulated national markets for online betting and gambling in the world. The other company is one of the oldest, most trusted betting brands in the world, they simply do not serve the UK national marketplace.  All of these companies offer comprehensive betting coverage of these sporting events which are highly popular in Japan.

JCB Card and JCB card betting sites for Japan

JCB card is available as a payment method at Pinnacle.  Japan is a very important country for them as they also offer their site in Japanese.  Note that JCB is only good for making payments, but not to receive withdrawals.  For withdrawals, an e-wallet is likely your best option.

Which betting sites for Japan offer the best odds?

Odds are an important thing to consider not just when choosing a betting site, but with each substantial bet that you might place.  Each online sportsbook works within their own odds margins depending on their business plan.  This margin is the percentage amount of revenue that a sportsbook will keep as from all monies wagered on a given event by all bettors.

The lowest available margins are usually around 2% to 3% for the most popular sports and the most popular betting markets.  MarathonBet and Pinnacle offer margins this low.  The rest of the sites tend to have odds margins of 4% to 5% for the biggest sports and popular markets.  

While low margins help you to determine which betting sites will consistently offer the most competitive odds, the reality is that the best odds for your bets of interest will not come from the same betting site all of the time.  This isn’t a pain, this is an opportunity.  If you enjoy bets in combination (aka accumulators) or multiples (aka system bets), your odds get multiplied together, which means differences in potential payouts can be amplified.

Depending on your bets of choice, your odds from reputable betting sites can range from 10% to over 50%.  So if you are serious about maximizing your potential returns, it makes sense to open a few accounts and then use odds comparison sites like before you place your bets so that you can instantly find out which bookie offers the best odds for your bets, or find premium opportunities where the top provider is well above the median.

Understanding KYC - Know Your Customer: It’s not just for customers in Japan

Every reputable betting site around the world is mandated by their regulators to establish anti-money-laundering practises.  KYC or Know Your Customer is the main process for this and it is for ALL customers, not just those from Japan.  Before you will be able to withdraw funds from your betting account, your online sportsbook company will ask you to upload scanned copies of government issued identification and another document, like a utility bill that proves your identity and that you live where you say you live.  Your KYC document information will need to match the information used to register your account.  This KYC account verification process often only takes about a week to complete with most companies, often even less time.  Don’t worry, you can start betting immediately upon your deposit.  Only withdrawals are contingent on KYC process completion.  Have a little patience regarding these mandatory protocols.  Everyone has to wait for their documents to be approved.

VIP sports betting from Japan: Which betting sites have the highest limits?

The quick answer for you is that Pinnacle has the highest limits.  Pinnacle uses stake limits, and they are high.  You could bet over 3,000,000 Yen on a single soccer match with Pinnacle - no problem.  Most other companies set their limits by the amount that can be won in a given day, in a given sport, by a single person and within certain betting markets.  If you want to bet on the main betting markets for top sports leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Champions League, NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL you can win as much as 2 million British Pounds or Japanese Yen equivalent per day with some of these betting sites, others top out around 1 million.  For details, you can find the limits within the betting rules or help sections of each website.  Limits will be lower for NPB and J-League bets as there will be a smaller overall amount wagered on these events.

Are there any reputable betting sites that offer Japanese Yen accounts?

Of course! All of our listed betting sites offer Japanese Yen accounts so you may avoid currency exchange fees, with the exception of Spin Sports.  Only Spin Sports requires that you have an account in another national currency.

Japan mobile sports betting: Are iOS or Android Apps available?

As online betting is technically not a legal activity in Japan, you may have difficulty finding good betting apps within your local mobile app stores in Japan.  Do not worry, the mobile websites offered by all our listed sportsbook companies provide an excellent experience.  You will be able to make all the same bets with your mobile that you might otherwise make from your computer.  You are also able to follow games live to place bets during a match or to activate the early bet settlement feature.







Japan Bookie

Notable Points of Interest for Japanese Players

Very high odds for all sports.  High betting limits.  Good for VIP bettors. Japanese site version. ¥ accounts & payment methods.

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Pinnacle Review

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Can you play in the online casinos with these sites from Japan?

Absolutely, yes.  All of our listed betting sites offer various casino, poker games.  Some even offer bingo.  Most of these betting sites offer these other gaming types to their customers within the same account.  These generally include online casino games that are governed by a regulated and tested random number generator to ensure fairness.  Some also offer live casino games where a real person runs your game in front of a camera from a studio in the respective gaming jurisdiction.  Several brands also provide excellent poker room platforms so you can play games like Texas Hold’em against people from around the world.  Find some bonus offers below to get started.


Spin Sports Review

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Japanese site version. Bonus offer. Very good betting platforms. Good odds.

Bet Now

Premier UK online bookmaker. Japanese site version. ¥ accounts & payment methods. Bonus offer.  Great betting platforms.

William Hill Review

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1XBET Review

Visit 1XBET Now

Sponsor of FC Barcelona & Serie A. Japanese site version. ¥ accounts & payment methods. Bonus offer.


Premier Asian bookmaker. Japanese site version. ¥ accounts & payment methods. Bonus offer. Good betting platforms.





Perhaps the best sports betting platforms in the world. Lots of betting markets. ¥ accounts. No Japanese site version.

Amazing betting platforms. The highest odds. Manchester City FC sponsor. ¥ accounts. No Japanese site version.



Bet Now Bet Now Bet Now Bet Now Bet Now Bet Now

Dafabet Review

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bet365 Review

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MarathonBet Review

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Japan Online Betting Laws: Is it legal to bet on sports in Japan?

The answer to this question is technically ‘no’. However, it’s also worth noting that there are thousands parlours found all over Japan that offer pachinko and pachislot, and these are also technically illegal. Trillions of yen are wagered through pachinko machine games every year. These clubs circumvent the laws by paying out in tokens rather than money.  The tokens are redeemable at cashing stations that are located away from the gaming property.

The same sort of technicalities exist with regard to online sports betting from Japan.  It is certainly illegal to operate a gambling site from Japan.  However, the betting sites listed above and others are located and regulated for by gaming jurisdictions in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta and the Philippines.  Each of these companies is located outside of Japan and thus they are not breaking any laws in allowing Japanese nationals to register accounts for the purposes of sports betting.  The Japanese government simply has no jurisdiction as these companies are all operating lawfully.  Since they cannot prosecute these companies, they also have no interest in prosecuting the bettors in Japan.  Quite simply, they would have no case.  Since they cannot punish the larger gambling operators, there is no benefit or desire to prosecute those that use these services from Japan.  To date, no Japanese national has ever been prosecuted or imprisoned for online sports betting.

In the end, you should feel comfortable and safe in your choice to bet online.  The local pools for the J-League have some of the worst odds available.  Take advantage of better odds available at these regulated off-shore sports betting providers.

Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting in Japan

As outlined above, online sports betting is not technically a legal activity.  While there are no real legal repercussions for people that wish to gamble online, the reality is that many financial institutions within Japan have moved to restrict payments to known entities that operate online betting operations like those companies that we list.  As gambling is technically illegal, these banks would be moving money for their customers and in doing so, would generate fees and profits for themselves which could be a prosecutable offence.  This is why many banks within Japan have eliminated the ability to transfer funds directly to these gambling companies.

Some companies, like William Hill are very aware of this issue and have actually provided a list of banks that they know will not transfer funds to them.  This is OK.  While this may be considered a small obstacle in your ability to transfer funds, the reality is that there are many intermediate payment solutions that easily and quickly allow you to transact with betting sites, including e-wallets, pre-paid solutions and cryptocurrencies.  Note that bet365 prefers that we not share details about the banking methods that they support.  Please visit bet365 directly to see the payment methods that they support for Yen transactions.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin betting sites for Japan

With these sites, you will not deposit and bet with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin amounts that you send are are converted to fund your Yen betting accounts at both MarathonBet and 1XBET.  Pinnacle allows Bitcoin transactions, but only toward US dollar or Euro accounts, so keep this in mind.  If you wish to make payments in other cryptocurrencies, MarathonBet also allows for payments in Ethereum or BitcoinCash.  1XBET supports these cryptocurrencies and many other smaller cryptocurrencies.

MuchBetter is an e-wallet mobile app that allows you to deposit and withdraw funds to your betting site from Japan.  To get the app, simply download from your respective Android or Apple app store for free.  With MuchBetter, you may transact directly in Yen and their mobile app provides a version in the Japanese language among several others.  For now, only Pinnacle and MarathonBet support payments via MuchBetter.

E-wallets and e-wallet betting sites for Japan

E-wallets allow you to make deposits to and withdrawals from sports betting sites as well as make payments to other online businesses.  You may fund your e-wallet account through a bank account, credit card or another source of funds   Two popular e-wallets for Japan are EcoPayz and MuchBetter.

EcoPayz is an e-wallet that is available for use with sports betting sites from Japan.  They offer Yen e-wallet accounts and offer their service with a Japanese language website.  Japanese sports bettors can use EcoPayz at the six bookmakers indicated below.

Pre-paid solution Astropay Card app and supported betting sites for Japan

Astropay Card is not really are card at all.  It is a virtual pre-paid card that has taken the form of a mobile app which may be downloaded for free from your respective app store.  With it, you may make simple and quick payments to several of our listed betting sites.  Astropay Card is available in Japanese and several other languages and allows you to make payments in the Yen directly to several betting sites.  Unfortunately, we cannot tell you about all of our listed betting sites that support Astropay Card from Japan.

Are there any bonuses available to new bettors in Japan?

Yes!  We list the available sports betting bonuses that are available to new customers from Japan along the right side of the page, where online banners are available to show you the offer.  Some of our listed companies offer bonuses but have not created graphical banners. In addition to the bonus offers shown at right, Dafabet, 1XBET and Spin Sports offer bonuses as well.  Note that all offers come with terms and conditions for the bonus offer.  These will include notes about your betting frequency requirements as well as minimum odds thresholds for qualifying bets.  Please ensure to read these bonus terms and conditions.